Floodplain Information

The City of Seabrook is committed to ensuring a safe environment for residents in all aspects of life. Addressing the impact of flooding is a crucial part of this commitment. Knowledge and proactive measures play key roles in building resilience to natural disasters.

Flooding can affect anyone, regardless of their location. It's essential to be well-informed on how to safeguard yourself and your property during major storms. The links on this page have been designed as a user-friendly resource for property owners and citizens in Seabrook. They aim to enhance awareness about flood hazards, providing valuable information for education and prevention. Take advantage of these resources to stay prepared for potential flooding events.

Request Floodplain Information

If you're looking for floodplain information, or have questions about floodplains, submit a Floodplain Information Request.

You can search for elevation certificates using the Elevation Certificate Search dashboard.

Before You Build - Development Requirements

All development in the Seabrook floodplain requires a permit per Chapter 38 of the Seabrook Code of Ordinances (revised November 18, 2016). Development includes, but is not limited to, all new construction, filling, grading, and paving. Substantially damaged or improved structures, where the cost of repair (regardless of the cause of damage) or improvements to a structure equals or exceeds 50% of the building’s (Improvement only not land value) market value, also require building permits and elevation certificates and are held to the same standards as new construction. | Visit the Development Requirements Page