Municipal Court of Record

Mission Statement

To provide the citizens of the city of Seabrook, city leaders, judges, law enforcement, legal professionals, and customers with quality customer service that is effective, efficient, and delivered in a professional environment.  Providing quality services, thereby earning and maintaining the public’s respect, confidence, and satisfaction.


Presiding JudgeDick H. Gregg III
Director of Municipal Court ServicesJessica Ancira
Chief ProsecutorRobert C. Richter Jr.

Safe Harbor

The Seabrook Municipal Court is considered a “Safe Harbor” and NO person with an active warrant, who voluntarily appears in the court or at the court office window to resolve their case, will be arrested.  You will be allowed to set your case for a court hearing to speak to a Judge, or you may enter your plea as guilty or no contest to the charge, waive your right to a trial by jury, and set up a payment arrangement. You may also request community service in lieu of paying the fine due to a financial hardship. 

Additional Information

  • Clerks are not licensed attorneys and cannot give legal advice.
  • Please allow two to five business days for processing and filing before contacting the Seabrook Municipal Court regarding a citation.