Special Events

A Special Event is defined as an event, gathering, or organized activity, which is open to the public and may impact public safety. In addition, an event may be considered a Special Event if a mobile food provider is present, if alcohol is sold and/or consumed, and if more than ninety (90) attendees are expected.

There are many different types of special events; some examples are organized races, walk-a-thons, festivals, pageants, celebrations, historical reenactments, church processions, concerts, entertainment, exhibitions, parades, fairs, pub crawls, social gatherings, movies or similar events occurring in, on or utilizing public space or which impacts a public space to an extent that the public’s use of the public space is significantly curtailed or impeded

If you would like to hold a special event in Seabrook, then you are required by City ordinance to obtain a Special Event Permit. To obtain a Special Event Permit, please complete and submit the Special Event Application. We only accept online submissions of the form. Please do not submit an old pdf version of the application. Upon completing the form, please pay the $50 fee online here

All special events must provide:

  • Permission Letters and/or Agreements to use property and parking lots for your event. 
  • Liability Insurance with the City of Seabrook listed as a Certificate Holder
  • Site Map of the Event, which also identifies parking
  • Completed Event Application
  • $50 Special Event Permit Fee - Pay online here
  • Deposit and facility rental fees, if applicable

Your application and supporting material will be reviewed by an internal committee. As the applicant, you may need to be available for a meeting or conference call to clarify any issues or concerns about your event. City staff will contact you if your permit is approved.

You must complete and submit all documents
45 days before your event

If you have any questions, please contact our Events and Communication Specialist by calling (281) 291-5778 or via email at events@seabrooktx.gov. Per the determination of the City Manager given the city’s limited resources and time necessary to review and issue a permit, no more than four (4) special event permits shall be acquired by a special event holder to one location within a 12-month period.