Staying Informed

The City of Seabrook offers several ways to stay informed about a variety of things. We have a very strong presence on social media and our website and email blasts are great for sharing information city happenings and events, however, prior to, during and after the disaster the city will need to share important information with you, information that we can specifically send to your neighborhood if needed.

Seabrook Alerts (aka Swift911)

This alert system is for emergency and priority alerts only. During Harvey, you received these alerts via a voice call, text message and/or text message if you are signed up for the system. We do not send out general information on the city and now that we are in recovery we will not send out information via Swift911 as not to deter people from unsubscribing from this very important service. You can sign up by completing the form below.

City News & Information

Now that the storm has passed all of our news and information will be sent out through our normal website system. This system allows you to sign up for a variety of information, but to receive information via email or text that is listed on our home page, please do so through out City Updates portal. All notifications sent via Swift911 if pertaining to the entire city will be posted to the home page of our website.