Communications and Marketing

The Communication Department manages the following communication and public relation platforms and activities: marketing, website development, social media networking, press releases, media relations, graphic design, video production, photography, newsletters, crisis communication, public education and outreach, trade shows, email list serves and communication policy and procedures.

City News

Information is released to the community and press periodically each month. News releases cover a variety of topics including but not limited to events, traffic updates, sales tax revenues, public safety alerts and much more. You may view all current news online here and you can also sign up to receive city news via email. Simply fill out the form below. 

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Social Media Networks

Communication staff diligently works to stay in touch with current social media trends in addition to social media legislation that may have an impact on how the city interacts with the community. We invite you to follow us on all of our social media platforms, but first please review our Social Media Policy. 

City Review

The Communication and Marketing department releases a printed bi-annual City Review that is mailed to every home and business in Seabrook. This publication helps the city reach a demographic that may not be online. City Review is released every Spring and Fall. 


LeaAnn (Dearman) Petersen is a Certified Public Communicator and wants to ensure her department has a solid plan that they can follow throughout the year. The Communication and Marketing Department is currently updating their Comprehensive Plan but the 2014-2017 Plan is available here. In addition to the Comprehensive Plan the Communication department is currently working with Emergency Management to create an updated Crisis Communication Plan. 

News Media

If you are a member of the media please contact the Communications Department to schedule an interview with city staff or City Council. Our department will do our best to answer your questions and put you in touch with a subject matter expert. You can either email us or call (281) 291-5777.


The Communication Department serves as the primary source for the City of Seabrook and this includes all tourism and economic development marketing. Responsibilities include ad development, media buying, business grand opening events and special campaigns such as the Buy Local Coupon and My Business Belongs in Seabrook video series.