Seabrook Alert COVID-19 InformationImportant Notice: Harris County Public Health is the lead agency for information on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 for our region. We encourage the public to visit Harris County Public Health for more information.


Step 1 - Online Screening:
Once you have gone through the online screening process and deemed "at-risk" you will receive a unique code and a phone number to call.

Take the Houston and Harris County Public Health self-assessment tool to see if you qualify for testing

Step 2 - Phone Consultation:
Call the given number and complete phone consultation. If deemed "at-risk" you will be given another unique code and information of where to get your first test.

Step 3 - Testing Facility:
Proceed to the testing facility at your scheduled time. Be sure to bring with you any photo ID and other information as requested by your nurse screener. Walk-ins will not be seen.

You can call here at:  832-927-7575

Residents now have more options to get tested

Harris County Public Health (HCPH) encourages all residents to take advantage of the increased testing capability, complete the online screening and get tested at any drive thru sites or mobile testing locations. HCPH has expanded the total COVID-19 testing capacity to 1,200 test per day, including two mobile testing locations scheduled across the county.

HCPH is prioritizing COVID-19 testing to first responders and healthcare professionals (especially those who work with vulnerable populations such as nursing homes) with or without symptoms, but anyone who thinks they may have COVID-19 can get tested. “We recognize those serving on the front lines as a healthcare professional, first responder or law enforcement need to get tested,” said Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH Local Health Authority and HCPH Executive Director. “The best way to serve our community is to protect the very people who are protecting us in this fight against COVID-19.”

To get tested, all residents must complete an online screening (available at or at, obtain an authorization code and call the nurse triage line. Once confirmed they meet the criteria for testing, residents will be directed to a testing site closest to them. Residents without access to a computer or Internet can call the HCPH resource center directly at 832-927-7575 for assistance.

To date (April 20, 2020), there are close to 5,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Houston/Harris County and 75 deaths. While 80% of individuals who contract COVID-19 will have mild to moderate symptoms and fully recover, they may spread the disease to people who are at high risk. The elderly and people with underlying health conditions or weakened immune systems are at much higher risk for developing serious complications from COVID-19. 

HCPH continues to urge residents to remain home, practice social distancing and follow everyday precautionary measures. If you must leave your home, maintain a physical distance of six feet or more from others. HCPH data dashboard will continue to provide updates daily.

To protect the privacy of our residents and not discourage others from getting tested for COVID-19, Harris County Public Health asks that members of the media do not show up to testing sites and film during hours of operation.

For updates on COVID-19, including health tips, case counts and other community resources, visit