Preparedness for Kids & Teens

Prepare with Pedro is a free youth preparedness program created by the American Red Cross to serve as a resource for teaching young children and their families how to stay safe during disasters and emergencies through fun activities such as crosswords, coloring pages, matching games, and more!

Prepare with Pedro - Extreme Heat
Prepare with Pedro - Hurricanes
Prepare with Pedro - Flood
Prepare with Pedro - Power Outage
Prepare with Pedro - Tornado
Ready Wrigley

The CDC’s Ready Wrigley materials focus on the character of Wrigley, a dog who leads children through preparedness activities and demonstrates ways to stay safe after disasters. Ready Wrigley books feature activities and can be printed and used as coloring books. They cover tornadoes, extreme heat, earthquakes, and staying safe after a flood.

Ready Wrigley - Extreme Heat
Ready Wrigley Prepares for Hurricanes
Ready Wrigley Prepares for Tornadoes
Flooding and Mold
Coping After a Disaster

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