Are You OK?

Elderly woman, smiling, holding a cell phone to her ear

Are You OK is a nationwide program designed to check on the well-being of elderly individuals, disabled persons, or anyone in the community who may need to be checked on by a law enforcement officer. The officer will call the applicant once a month and ask “Are you ok?”. If the answer is yes, then the officer can end the call. If a concern is expressed, the officer can determine the nature of the concern and if a response is needed. Unanswered calls may result in an officer responding to the location for a welfare check.


  • Applicants receive a friendly and comforting call once per month from a Seabrook Police Officer.
  • If a call goes unanswered, an officer will respond to the applicant's residence to conduct a welfare check.
  • If an applicant requires services, the officer can act as a liaison and assist in fulfilling those needs.
  • Provides peace of mind to those in need and their loved ones.


  • Must be a resident of the City of Seabrook
  • Age 60+ years*
  • Lives alone*
  • Has a working telephone
  • Has a medical condition that requires them to be confined to their residence.
  • Has any other condition as deemed appropriate by the program coordinator.
  • Must not live in an assisted living facility

* Exceptions can be made on serious health issues/age and limited family contact.

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