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Posted on: December 6, 2019

December 3 City Council Recap

Seabrook EMS Life Saving Award Presentation



Seabrook Board of Adjustment

The City Council interviewed two candidates, Rob Hefner and Byron Hanssen, for two positions on the Seabrook Board of Adjustment, and by unanimous vote, appointed Rob Hefner to fill a regular position on the BOA for a tem to expire January 1, 2022 and appointed Byron Hanssen to fill an alternate position on the BOA for a term to expire January 1, 2021.

The City Council also unanimously approved the reappointment of BOA regular members, Michele Glaser and Edelmiro Muniz, and alternate member, Jared Kelly, to terms to expire January 1, 2022.


Life-Saving Award for assisting in a major accident

Mayor Kolupski  and Director of Emergency Services, Brad  Goudie, presented Life Saving Awards to Andy Gutacker, Justin Amaro, Daniel Prentice, Johnathan Martin, Andy Castiglione, Elizabeth Yancey, Michael Miner, Ingris Berrios, Michael Dyer, Constance Robinson, and Austin Wood for their outstanding work in assisting with a major accident which resulted in the saving of a life.

Life-Saving Award for responding to a medical emergency

Mayor Kolupski and Director of Emergency Services, Brad  Goudie, presented Life Saving Awards to Kimberly Boniface, Hailey Hayes, Robert Ozment, Justin Amaro, Robert Turner, and Christi Krause for their quick thinking and diligent work in responding to a medical emergency which resulted in the saving of a life.

Post Event Report – 2019 Celebration Seabrook Festival

LeaAnn Petersen, Director of Community and Visitor Relations, presented the post-event update to City Council on the 2019 Celebration Seabrook Festival.  Ms. Petersen’s presentation can be viewed here: 


Seabrook Tree Lighting                                                       Monthly Bird Count

Thursday, December 5                                                           Saturday, December 7

6:00pm – 8:00pm                                                                    Beginning at 9:00am

Mohrhusen Park                                                                     Pine Gully Park

Santa Run                                                                              Breakfast with Santa

Saturday, December 7                                                           Saturday, December 14

7:30am                                                                                    9:00am – 11:00am

Seabrook Neighborhoods                                                       Seabrook Community House

City Offices Closed                                                              

Tuesday, December 24                                                         

Wednesday, December 25                                                                

MERRY CHRISTMAS!                                                          


Ordinance 2019-28 – Mobile Food Vendor Regulations

By a 4-2 vote Council approved this ordinance on second reading, which permits mobile food vendors to operate on private property within the City and establishes regulations to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public with a 4-2 vote with Mayor Kolupski and Council Member Davis opposed.

Ordinance 2019-31 – Amendment to the Official Zoning Map to Rezone Seabrook Island, Section 4, Reserve C, Being a 10.3586 Acre Tract situated in Abstract 52, Ritson Morris Survey, Harris County, Texas located East of Palm Bay Circle, South of Scenic Shore Drive and immediately West of State Highway 146 from R-2 to 146-M

The City Council did not approve Ordinance 2019-31 on second reading by a 4-2 vote of denial, with  Mayor Kolupski and Mayor Pro Tem Picha voting in favor of the zoning change.  Had the ordinance been approved, it would have changed the zoning of the area from a residential district to a commercial district.   

Ordinance 2019-32 – Restaurant – Fast Food and Restaurant and – Full Service, Parking Regulations

Council unanimously approved Ordinance 2019-32 on second reading, which regulates Restaurant-Fast Food and Restaurant-Full Service as follows:

  • Restaurant-Fast Food: 1 space per 100 square feet of customer area +4 stacking spaces per drive-up window and 1 space per every 2 employees on the largest shift for a fast-food restaurant. 
  • Restaurant-Full Service: 1 space per 100 square feet of customer dining area; inclusive of bar seating and outdoor patio dining area for a full-service restaurant.

Ordinance 2019-33 – Creation of Definitions for Restaurant-Fast Food and Restaurant-Full Service

Council unanimously approved Ordinance 2019-33 on second reading, which defines Restaurant-Fast Food and Restaurant-Full Service as the following:

  • Restaurant-Fast Food: a restaurant that serves fast food cuisine and has minimal table service, offers a limited menu, cooks in bulk, finished and packaged to order, and is usually available for taking away, though seating may be provided. Restaurants-Fast Food is typically part of a restaurant chain or franchise operations that provides standardized ingredients and/or partially prepared foods and supplies to each restaurant through controlled supply channels. Restaurants-Fast Food also includes characteristics of inclusion of a fast food window/drive-through, used to dispense food or beverages for consumption on or off the premises to an individual in a vehicle.
  • Restaurant-Full Service: a restaurant with a relatively broad menu along with table, counter and/or booth service and wait staff. This type of restaurant is often made up of the following types: Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Contemporary Casual Dining, Family Style, Buffet and Fast Casual Dining.



Resolution 2019-24 – EDC Project Designation for Moshe Allen Doing Business As Americano’s Café and Approval of EDC Expenditures for Construction Improvements of New Restaurant pursuant to Performance Agreement

Council unanimously approved on the second of two readings, Resolution 2019-24, to approve Americano’s Café incentive application, which was approved by the Seabrook Economic Development Corporation Board in October 2019. The incentive total is $68,500.00.The incentive total breakdown is as follows:

  • Receive $34,250.00 upon the opening of the business
  • Another $34,250.00 or 5 years sales tax reimbursement




Official Newspaper

City Council unanimously approved the designation of the Bay Area Observer as the City of Seabrook’s Official Newspaper, pursuant to City Charter, Section 11.12. 

Celebration Seabrook Donations

Council unanimously approved the following donations out of the proceeds from the 2019 Celebration Seabrook Festival:

  • donation to the City of Seabrook Share your Christmas in the amount of $3,000.00
  • donation to the City of Seabrook Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in the amount of $700.00
  • donation to the Bay Area Veterans Memorial in an amount of $1,200.00


Deputy City Manager, Sean Landis, and Director of Public Works, Kevin Padgett, gave the Council an update on several items, as follows:

CIP Projects

  • The underground waterline rehab project around City Hall has 90% of the pipe in the ground.  This project includes Old Seabrook, First Street, Cook Street, Anders Street, and Nasa Road 1 near Hooters.  
  • The Marvin Circle project will be completed this week.  
  • Pine Gully and Hester’s Gully Waterline Improvement Projects have minor work left to be completed.  
  • There is a pre-construction meeting scheduled on December 10 for the Chloramine Conversion project.
  • The Fiber infrastructure project is moving north along Lakeside, from the Traffic Circle, and then through Old Town Center to tie into the water well and then continue to Red Bluff.  
  • The contractors’ crews are setting up jersey barriers on the Red Bluff Expansion project.  Because crews are stationing over on the Pasadena side of Taylor Lake, it looks like they will start water work over there while they are doing utilities on the Seabrook side.  The bridge that people fish off of will be removed in Phase I, which will cause a need for no trespassing signs after the removal.  City staff will discuss it with the contractor.  Staff will begin having monthly meetings on that project so that the City can bring issues to TXDOT as they are seen.  
  • Water and sewer lines, as well as drainage boxes, are going in on the 146 Expansion project.  The City’s contractor is working on CIP utility projects from Lidstone to Nasa, and the TXDOT utility contractor will tie into the lines there.  A waterline from Seabrook Circle to East Meyer is going in now, and work is being done on the north side, down at Miramar Green, going south.  All of the lines will end up coming together to tie into the system.  In addition, overhead electrical work will start on the east side, and there will be some service disruptions.  Staff is meeting with TXDOT on Thursday to discuss the Phase II transition – the delineators and concrete barriers.  Staff plans to discuss no left turns out of Old Seabrook and the creation of additional signs so that drivers can actually go south.  The second left turn lane off of Respdorph was discussed at the last meeting with TXDOT and it has been designed and it is going through the bid process now.  There are signage and signaling issues that need to be addressed.  The main issue is that if two lanes turn left together, the traffic on East Meyer that wants to turn left will have to be shut down.  


146 Project Lane Closures

  • The outside southbound lane on 146 will be closed from Nasa to the bridge daily through December 6th from 9a-3p
  • Starting Wednesday, December 4, alternating lanes will be closed on Main Street from 9a-3p for the  installation of sanitary sewer 
  • Starting on December 7th, Capri Lane and Kenneth Royal will have alternating lane closures
  • 1st Street will be fully closed on December 5th and 6th from 7am to 6pm for installation of concrete storm sewer 
  • 10th Street/Shipyard Drive/Waterfront will be fully closed under the bridge and ramp only to Marina tenants and associates.
  • Northbound on 146 will be closed December 5th  through December 7th for the pouring of a new section of  concrete or bridge deck.


Grant Administration

  • Hurricane Ike has been closed out.
  • Staff is finalizing the Hurricane Harvey, and it will hopefully be closed out in the next 2 to 3 weeks
  • The City hasn’t received the official letter yet on the HMGP grant for the Wastewater Treatment Plant; however, it has been communicated to the City that FEMA has approved and now everyone is waiting on TDEM’s signature. 



  • There was a gas main break under the road on Nasa and there was some issue shutting it off and the City’s understanding is that the line was marked by CenterPoint at 4ft, so the bore went in at 9ft and hit the gas line.  Fire hydrant installs are going in as early as tomorrow and could see lines pressure tested by the end of the week.  Service disconnects at City Hall, Police Department and Jail and Bay Elementary will hopefully be scheduled for the weekend.  


City Council and Deputy City Manager, Sean Landis, thanked Kevin Padgett and his staff at Public Works for the outstanding job they do.  The Public Works crews drop what they are doing in order to go fix items that break or need immediate attention.  They have a lot of strain on them on a regular basis, but just keep working hard and getting things done.


Mayor Kolupski thanked the Emergency Management and Emergency Services Directors, Jeff Galyean and Brad Goudie, respectively, for working 18 straight hours to assist with the gas line break earlier in the week on Nasa.




The next regular City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, at City Hall City Council Chambers.

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