Who decided that these specific projects would be part of the bond program?

Starting in strategic planning in 2021-22, the city council began discussing the facility needs of its first responder departments.   It was approved through a special Public Safety Fund to employ architects to look at the current and projected needs of the Public Safety, Municipal Court, EMS, and Emergency Management Departments and develop a feasibility study to program what type of building and square footage would be needed.  

Staff released two Request for Qualifications (RFQs) and council approved hiring BRW Architects to look at the EMS and Emergency Management Departments facility needs and Randall Scott Architects for the Public Safety and Municipal Court needs.   Through the summer, staff within these departments continued to work with the firms to refine the needs and get a fiscally sound proposal for the facilities before city council.   After many renditions and reductions, council approved the conceptual plans that are Proposition A and C. 

Proposition C items were presented to city council through the budget process with the input and direction of the Seabrook Volunteer Fire Department and staff.   Large apparatus such as the proposed fire truck (pumper) have a life span of approximately 20 years and have been added to the city's long term capital planning document.  This project did not have another funding source and city council approved moving forward with bond proceeds for the first apparatus need.   The second item for the training tower was recently added as a capital project, but the long term benefits to the community for fire insurance rating prioritized this project to advancement on this bond program. 

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4. Who decided that these specific projects would be part of the bond program?
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