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Application for Appointment to the Ethics Review Commission

  1. All information provided in this application is public information pursuant to the provisions of the Texas Public Information Act.

    If you have questions or need more information about this application, please email the Office of the City Secretary at or call (281) 291-5663.

  2. Please enter the address of your residence. All applicants must live within Seabrook City limits. 

  3. Are you a Registered Voter?*
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  5. Have you attended a meeting of the Ethics Review Commission?*
  6. Are you currently a member of the Ethics Review Commission?*
  7. Have you previously served on a Seabrook board or commission?*
  8. Have you ever served a full or partial term on Seabrook City Council?*
  9. If you have served on a Seabrook board or commission please identify which ones. *

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  10. Have you previously served on a board or commission for another city or organization?*
  11. Does any potential conflict of interest exist which may interfere or inhibit you to carry out the duties of an Ethics Review Comissioner?*
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  13. By submitting this application online, I hereby affirm that I am aware of the requirements for the position and certify that I meet those requirements.*
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