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Short-Term Rental Permit Application

  1. Thank you for applying for a Short-Term Rental Permit with the City of Seabrook. This application adheres to requirements with Seabrook Ordinance No. 2022-07. By submitting this application you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the ordinance in its entirety. If you have questions, please contact the Community Development by calling (281) 291-5669 or by emailing

  2. Acknowledgement of STR Ordinance & Application*
  7. A list of all owners, operators, and agents (if applicable) of short-term rental including names, addresses, current email addresses and telephone numbers is required to complete this application. Please upload this document.

  8. The Floor Plan identifies sleeping areas, the proposed maximum number of guests, evacuation routes and the location of all fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. 

    • All floors with an enclosed space of any kind must have a minimum of one (1) Class 2A:10B:C type fire extinguisher (standard 5lb. fire extinguisher) mounted so as to be conspicuous and convenient for the occupants.
    • Each Short-Term Rental shall contain working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as required by the City adopted Building and Fire Codes. 
  9. Each owner of a Short-Term Rental shall provide to guests a brochure and post in a conspicuous location of the Short-Term Rental the following minimum information: 

    • Owner, operator or designated agent's name and 24-hour contact telephone number;
    • Pertinent neighborhood information including, but is not limited to,  parking restrictions, trash collection schedules and location of required off-street  parking, other available parking and prohibition of parking on landscaped areas;
    • Noise restrictions as specified under the Code of Ordinance, Chapter 55, “Nuisances and Miscellaneous Provisions”, Article II. “Noise”;
    • Information to assist guests in the case of an emergency posing threats to personal safety or damage to property, including emergency and non-emergency  telephone numbers for police, fire and emergency medical services; and  
    • Depiction of floor plan identifying evacuation routes, including the dwelling's exits, primary evacuation routes and secondary evacuation routes near the 352 front door of the dwelling.  
  10. Inspection & Certificate of Occupancy*
  11. Comply with standards & requirements*
  12. Completion of STR application*
  13. $300 Permit Fee*

  14. Certify Signature & Submission of STR Permit*

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