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Residential Traffic Action Request Form

  1. Please complete this form in its entirety.
    Do you have concerns about speeding vehicles in your neighborhood? Maybe you witness traffic violations in school zones or parking violations? This form has been created so that residents can report traffic violations in addition to request action be taken in regards to the traffic violations.
  2. Traffic Concern*
    Please indicate the type(s) of traffic-related concerns that are present in your neighborhood.
  3. Please identify "Other Concerns" that are not listed above.
  4. Please describe the limits of your nieghborhood (or subdivision name) and location(s) on the given street(s) in which these traffic-related concerns occur.
  5. Please list the time of day and whether the traffic-related concern primiarly occurs during the week or weekend.
  6. If you have photos or additional information such as a map or neighborhood petition please upload it here.
  7. If you would like to upload more than one file you may do so here.
  8. Requested Change or Improvement*
  9. Residential Traffic Management Policy Acknowledgement*
  10. Please Note
    When a request is made to review a neighborhood related traffic concern, the city's direct efforts are to work and coordinate with the requesting party in understanding and addressing concerns in a defined area with the neighborhood. This policy does not require the City to install, remove, or modify any traffic control device, sign, signal, or warning device if the City has, in the absence of this policy, the discretion under State law to install, remove, or modify the traffic control device, sign, signal, or warning device. Additionally, this policy should not be construed as an attempt by the City to deviate from legal requirements for traffic control. The City of Seabrook strives to be a "Safe and Secure City".
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