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Bid Number: 2023-318-06
Bid Title: Fiber Infrastructure NASA
Category: Bid Notice
Status: Open


Sealed Request for Proposals for Fiber Infrastructure NASA, Seabrook Project No. 2023-318-06 will be received until 1:00 PM on April 26, 2023 by the Purchasing Coordinator, Gerald Pierce, 1700 First Street, Seabrook, Texas 77586. Bids must be received and time stamped by the Purchasing Coordinator prior to the aforementioned time, when they will be publicly opened and read aloud at Seabrook City Hall. No late bids will be accepted. Bidding documents may be obtained by contacting the Purchasing Coordinator Gerald Pierce through email at


RFPs may also be submitted electronically through Public Purchase. To submit and RFP electronically, an account will need to be created in Public Purchase, and then RFP 2023-318-06 can be accessed for electronic submission. Electronic RFPs will need to be submitted before the 1:00pm deadline on April 26, 2023. Please visit to register or login with Public Purchase.


PUBLISHED:        Thursday, April 6, 2023

                             Thursday, April 13, 2023

Please note, the fiber optic lines will parallel Repsdorph Road (Harris County Roadway), NASA Road 1 (TXDOT Roadway) and have to go under State Highway 146 (TXDOT Roadway). Contractor will be responsible for coordinating with TxDOT and Harris County for plan approval and permits in order to complete this project.


  1. Project Description

This project should include route engineering, permitting, and as-built documentation, as well as construction, including underground boring and installation of fiber optic network cabling. Construction should include installation and termination of underground single mode fiber optic network between specified endpoints, as well as full testing of terminated fiber links.


Work includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

  1. Design fiber optic network route.
  2. Installation of 1.25” High Density Polyethylene conduit, 2” HDPE Conduit, and 2’ by 3’ handholes as needed
  3. Installation of 144 strand armored fiber optic cable  on main fiber route, and smaller fiber counts at peripheral connections
  4. Testing and certification of all terminated fibers 
  5. Route engineering services and documentation.
  6. Installation of weatherproof NEMA rated outdoor enclosures, and indoor fiber splicing enclosures.
  7. Installation of two additional 1.25” HDPE conduits along the new fiber route


  1. Technical Services

The fiber optic network installation vendor shall provide the following services during the course of this project:

  1. Provide all project management and system design services required to insure a successful and fully functional fiber optic network between the specified connections points.
  2. Prepare and submit detailed engineering drawings for approval.
  3. Provide the onsite services of a fiber optic service engineer to validate connectivity of all fiber links. Results of all testing shall be documented in writing on a site by site basis.
  4. Coordinate fiber network installation along NASA Road 1 and under Hwy 146 with the State of Texas Department of Transportation and pipeline authorities to insure that the fiber run under the highway will be at sufficient depth to NOT interfere with reconstruction of Hwy 146 currently in progress (depth under HWY 146 likely to be in excess of 20 feet). 
  5. Coordinate fiber network installation along Repsdorph Road with Harris County.
  6. Contractor shall contact all underground utilities providers to locate existing infrastructure along the proposed fiber route.


  1. Onsite Services

Provide the onsite services of a field technician to show the Seabrook IT Department each completed network endpoint location.


  1. Submittals
  1. Comply with other pertinent provisions of this specification
  2. Product data: Within 90 calendar days after the Contractor has received the Owner's Notice to Proceed, submit:
  • Detailed engineering drawings showing proposed network route, including street crossings, handhole locations and connection endpoints.
  • A printed and electronic copy of fiber termination diagrams as well as enclosure hardware specifications.
  • Permits from all jurisdictions involved, including TxDOT, Harris County, City of Seabrook, pipeline authorities, and any others necessary. City of Seabrook permits will be no cost permits.


  1. Product Delivery, Handling, and Storage
  • Schedule the delivery of the supplies and equipment to coordinate with the project completion schedule.
  • Contractor's equipment and supplies may be stored at some City facilities with advanced notice and coordination.


  1. System Description
    1. The City of Seabrook is seeking to extend the existing underground fiber optic network to additional locations in order to connect critical infrastructure to our Ethernet network.    
    2. We currently have 288 strands of fiber at the Seabrook City Hall location at 1700 First St, Seabrook, TX, connecting current City facilities and water/sewer infrastructure.   

The proposed fiber optic network extension will continue from the City Hall, under Hwy                       146 then along NASA Road to Repsdorph Road, where it will connect at the elevated water tower on Repsdorph Road. 

  1. Handholes shall be installed near both sides of Hwy 146 (on Main ST and NASA Road), with two 2 inch HDPE conduits between these two handholes.
  2. The bulk of the 144 fiber strands will run from the City Hall (1700 First St) to the Repsdorph Road elevated water storage tank, where 12 strands of fiber will be terminated on the third floor of the water tower (in server room). 
  3. 24 strand armored fiber shall be installed from the new fiber run on NASA Road to the lift station at Lakeside Dr, with six fiber strands connected to Seabrook City Hall
  4. 24 strand armored fiber shall be installed from the NASA Road fiber run to the lift station at Elam St and Seargent St, with 6 strands connected to City Hall
  5.  24 strands of armored fiber shall be installed from handhole at NASA Rd and Repsdorph Rd to the Nasa Lift Station, with six strands of that fiber connected to Seabrook City Hall. Run 24 strands of fiber to handhole on opposite (South side of NASA Rd.)
  6. Twelve strands of the new fiber from City Hall along NASA Road shall be connected to existing fiber going North from the handhole near the Repsdorph Road water tower, following route on East Meyer Road, Todville Road, and Red Bluff Road, terminating at the Public Works server room at 1100 Red Bluff Road in Seabrook.
  7. Four of the new fiber strands ending at the Repsdorph Water Tower handhole shall be connected and terminated at each of the following locations where we have existing fiber: Water Well Site 1, Water Well Site 3, Water Vault on Red Bluff Road, and Ground Storage tank at Lakeside Dr. (total of 16 fibers connected from these locations all the way to the City Hall fiber room).  
  8. All underground fiber shall be installed at a depth of 48 to 52 inches. 
  9. Each handhole cover shall be clearly marked with permanent “SEABROOK” markings similar to existing fiber handhole covers to indicate ownership. 
  10. A Fiber utility marker post with a test station will be installed at each handhole location, to facilitate locates.  Test station wires shall be connected to the metal jacket of the armored fiber. In addition to the typical warning labels indicating the presence of underground fiber optic cable, each marker pole shall have a note on two sides stating “48 HOURS BEFORE DIGGING IN THIS VICINITY CALL 281-291-5725”, then “WWW.SEABROOKTX.GOV” on last line.     
  11. Additional empty conduit shall be capped with removable rubber plugs in each handhole.
  12. OPTION: 48 strands of armored fiber from Red Bluff at Todville to Baywood Water Meter vault on Todville.
  13. OPTION: 48 strands of armored fiber from closest handhole on existing fiber on Todville Rd. to Pine Gully Lift Station site, with six fibers connected to City Hall fiber room.
  14. OPTION: 48 strands of armored fiber from closest handhole on existing fiber on Todville Rd. to Surf Oaks Lift Station site, with six fibers connected to City Hall fiber room.
  15. OPTION: 48 strand armored fiber shall be installed from the current handhole at the Repsdorph Road water tower to a new handhole on the city owned property across the street (with 300 feet of excess fiber to be left in that handhole). Six strands of this fiber are to be connected to City Hall.
  16. OPTION: 48 strands of armored fiber shall be installed for 2712 Red Bluff lift station (Calgon Lift Sstation).
  17. OPTION: 48 strands of armored fiber shall be installed for 2609 Red Bluff lift station (Red Bluff Lift Station).


  1. Warranty

As part of the project approach, please include warranty information, including warranty length and where the nearest warranty service location is. 

Publication Date/Time:
4/6/2023 7:00 AM
Publication Information:
The Bay Area Observer
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Bid Opening Information:
04/26/2023 1:00pm
Contact Person:
Gerald Pierce
Purchasing Coordinator
City of Seabrook
281 291 5671 phone
281 291 5690 fax

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