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Strategic Plan
The strategic plan guides the course of action for the Economic Development Corporation (EDC). It outlines the EDC’s vision in the areas of business development, infrastructure, leadership, marketing, partnerships and professionalism. Below is the current strategic plan. 

Business Development
The Seabrook Economic Development Corporation (EDC) understands the critical importance of building strong and credible relationships and addressing the needs of the existing business community through business retention and expansion program activities. Moreover, since business retention is linked to expansion, growth is driven by innovation, technology is the new driver of the economy, and trained workers for new economy jobs demand quality of life and place amenities. The Seabrook EDC will actively support efforts to grow the Bay Area Houston industries, to cultivate top knowledge workers and skilled laborers, and pursue quality of life and place initiatives that enhance the natural environment and develop Seabrook’s waterfront areas. 

The Seabrook EDC will strongly support and spearhead efforts to develop pivotal infrastructure projects that support target business development, encourage and maintain water-dependent uses along the waterfront, improve visual quality and create corridors to connect character districts to the waterfront. 

The Seabrook EDC will work with city and area leadership to promote economic development and community development planning initiatives in the city and region. 

The Seabrook EDC will position the City of Seabrook as a place for new and expanded business development and investment within the target industries of hospitality, marine services, office and retail. 

The Seabrook EDC will engage in relationship building and collaborative partnerships that support and strengthen regional economic development initiatives.  

The Seabrook EDC will develop professional expertise and presence that establishes Seabrook’s image as a place to do business. 

Economic Development
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