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SH 146 Expansion Project

State Highway 146 is a state owned highway and is maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation. Traffic light problems, potholes and other concerns should be reported directly to TxDOT by calling (713) 802-5000. Learn more about the TxDOT Houston District here

SH 146 Expansion
The expansion of the Highway 146 is greatly needed to alleviate daily traffic congestion and will also allow safe passage for motorists during hurricane evacuations. SH 146 is an official hurricane evacuation corridor.

SH 146 Map

Project Overview
In summary, the TxDOT project will expand the highway in a fashion similar to other parts of SH 146 that run through the city of La Porte. Beginning at Red Bluff Road the highway will be expanded south through Seabrook. A new expressway bridge will be built west of and parallel to the Seabrook-Kemah Bridge. The current bridge will remain and serve as a frontage road for motorists. 

Specifically the project will consist of the following: 
  • Widen and restructure the existing facility to a six- to 12-lane freeway
  • Add grade separations at major intersections
  • Add access roads in selected locations
  • Add express lanes over Clear Creek

More details concerning the physical logistics of the project will be released closer to the construction phase. At this time, the construction phase of the project is not expected to break ground until 2017.

GIS SH 146 Overlay Map
Recently, the city added a new layer to their GIS mapping system that shows residents and businesses the exact schematic of the new highway design. Users can zoom in to see how current businesses will be affected and how existing parcels will be divided. This new tool is useful to landowners who are scouting perspective businesses. The new highway frontage will be extremely appealing to both local businesses and up and coming franchises. To view these maps, go to and click the City Map – Public option. 

Right-of-Way Acquisition
Right-of-way acquisition began in January 2016 and Seabrook will start to see storefronts closed and demolished in 2017. Taco Bell/KFC will close their doors at the end of January 2017 and shortly after the Seabrook House of Flowers will be relocating the Pelican Plaza off NASA Parkway across from Endeavor Marina. 

As the year progresses residents can expect additional dining and retails stores along the highway corridor to either close or relocate. All the storefronts currently located on the west side of the highway will be impacted. To help retain businesses the Seabrook Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) in conjunction with the City of Seabrook is actively engaging with the businesses that will be affected.

The SEDC has been and will continue to work with development groups to identify suitable property within Seabrook to accommodate business relocation. The SEDC is also seeking developers who see potential growth in our area as a result of the expanded highway. Seabrook is prime for new development due to it’s proximity to Houston, NASA, the petrochemical industry, and the port region in addition to being a gateway for tourists who visit Space Center Houston, Galveston, Kemah and the new cruise terminal. 

If you are business that will be impacted by the expansion project you can expect to receive a letter from TxDOT. If you receive correspondence from other agencies other than TxDOT offering relocation assistance or other opportunities and you have questions about what they are offering you may contact Paul Chavez, (281) 291.5730, with the SEDC, who can help answer your questions.

Project Documentation
As TxDOT releases project studies, specs and maps to the City we will post those documents here.

Financial Impact on the City of Seabrook  
With the expectation that the City of Seabrook may see a reduction in property and sales tax as a result of the highway expansion, city officials established the SH 146 Stabilization Fund to help offset the loss of revenue during the construction phase. The good news is that newly approved and pending developments have the potential to replace this lost revenue stream before highway construction begins.

Download SH 146 Stabilization Fund Ordinance 

July 24, 2014 City of Seabrook & TxDOT Public Meeting
On July, 24, 2014 TxDOT and City officials held a public meeting to discuss the SH 146 Expansion Project and Right-of-Way Acquisition Process. You may watch the meeting below. You may also download TxDOT's presentation here

If you have questions about the project, please contact TxDOT directly. You may contact their Public Information Office who be able to better assist you. 

Raquelle Lewis
TxDOT Public Information Officer
(713) 802.5071

Seabrook businesses may contact the Seabrook Economic Development Director if they would like to discuss relocation options within the city of Seabrook.

Paul Chavez
Director of Economic Development
(281) 291.5730

If you are a current lessee along the railroad corridor and have questions regarding Union Pacific's review process please contact Union Pacific directly.

Rebecca Hoffman
UP Representative
(402) 544.8570

TxDOT Public Information
7600 Washington Ave
Houston, TX

Ph: (713) 802.5076

SH 146 Project PIO 
Raquelle Lewis

Seabrook Economic Development
1700 First St.
Seabrook, TX 77586

Ph: (281) 291.5730
Fx: (281) 291.5690

Paul Chavez
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