Fast Facts

Trade Population

Education Levels

Age and Race Distribution

Household Income

  • $68,584 Average Household Income
  • 51,455 Median Household Income
  • $21,019 Per Capita Income

Opportunity in Seabrook

View our Demographic and Psychographic Data Map

View a one page summary (PDF) about Seabrook's primary retail trade area.

Consumer Analysis for the Seabrook trade area

  • Trade Area Population: 89,451 (2018 estimate)
  • Trade Area Population Density: 3,047 people per square mile
  • Daytime Population: 76,796 (2018 average)
  • Median Household Income: $83,922
  • Average Household Income: $115,841

Please click this link to view consumer analysis map (PDF)

New Residential Developments in Seabrook

  • 675 new apartment units ($1k to $2k)
  • 102 new homes ($250k to $400k)
  • 130 new townhomes ($160k to $180k)

Please click this link to view new residential development map (PDF)

Major Employers

  • Private sector: 3,797 employees
  • Public sector: 8,598 employees
  • Education: 242 employees
  • University students: 8,550 (Spring 2019)
  • Area public schools: 2,308 students (Spring 2019)

Learn more about Major Employers here

Drive Time Estimates from Major Employers

Seabrook is in close range to over 11,000 employees and 8,500 full-time college students. For restaurants and businesses seeking a prime location, our city is no more than 5 miles away from a wide range of major employers! Please click this link to view the drive time estimates map (PDF)

Traffic Count Data

Two major roadways connect Seabrook to the Greater Houston Region: State Highway 146 and NASA Parkway. Combined, over 70,000 vehicles come through our community every day! Please click this link to view the traffic count map (PDF)

Special Targets Research

Two important targets that we are working to attract are (a) a major coffee retailer and (b) a grocery chain. Our staff has put together a quick map showing the location of each target in relation to the City. If you are a broker/developer/site consultant, please have a look at the data maps we have compiled for the market area.

Please click this link to view the Starbucks sitemap (PDF) for our market area

Please click this link to view the Grocery Store Analysis map (PDF) for our market area