Court conduct & appearance


It is very important to be on time for a court appearance. Be sure to allow ample time for traffic, parking, and security screening when you arrive. You must be present in the courtroom when the docket is called. A warrant maybe issued if you fail to answer when your name is called.


You are required to dress in a manner that demonstrates respect of the judiciary, the following is a list of unacceptable attire:
  • Shorts and pants revealing under garments and with excessive holes
  • Hats (all types)
  • Muscle shirts and tank tops
  • T-shirts or other clothing items displaying offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, gang related, and obscene language or graphics
  • Provocative clothing styled or worn to disrupt / distract

Courtroom rules

The following are not allowed in the courtroom:
  • Guns, holsters, including concealed firearms
  • Knives/blades
  • Mace or other chemical irritant
  • Scissors, medical tools or other sharp objects
  • Glass objects or containers
  • Food, drinks or drugs
  • No audio or video recording


  • Please silence or turn off cell phones
  • During an open court session, each individual is given an opportunity to listen to the Judge's instructions about his or her case. Talking and other disruptive noises interfere with that interaction. Please refrain from noisy or disruptive behavior and be respectful of all court proceedings. This includes frequent entering and exiting of the courtroom.
  • No computers, games, recording devices or other disruptive electronic devices are allowed in the courtroom


  • Everyone will be wanded by the bailiff upon entering the Courtroom
  • Please note that you will pass through the court security check point with the bailiff before entering the Courtroom. This includes searches of strollers, bags, purses, briefcases and any other personal items as required by security personnel. These security measures are in place to ensure the safety of all persons who enter the courtrooms.