Skateboard Park

Skateboarding and rollerblading are two of the fastest growing activities in the United States with more than 14 million participants. Most skaters ride wherever they can -- in streets, on sidewalks and around parking lots.

The City of Seabrook believed a city skateboarding park would provide a place for skaters to go and practice the sport they love with friends. It gives them the opportunity to improve, to achieve small victories on a daily basis, to grow more confident in themselves and their own abilities and allows them to dream of the possibility at becoming a “Tony Hawk” someday.

The Seabrook skateboard park is located at Meador Park. Skaters must skate at their own risk; no attendant is present. The park is open from dawn to dusk daily.

Please help keep this area clean and safe. Report graffiti or specious activity to the Seabrook Police Department at 281-291-5610.