Natural Playground at Pine Gully

The Open Space, Beautification & Preservation Committee is raising funds for a Natural Playground at Pine Gully Park. Funding will help purchase a variety of playground elements made entirely of natural or recycled materials.

The natural playground will not only be environmentally sound, but it will be safer than traditional playgrounds with large embankment slides and other features that offer accessibility to all children with or without disabilities.

Playground Features

Sand beds, large boulders, water features, sound gardens and raised flower beds will engage all five senses during play.

Play alternatives will include a zip line, living willow structures, a “serpent” mound, rock climbs, tree forts, swings with limited mobility and standard seating, friendly tire snake, plus a beautiful fountain.

In addition to the wonderful playground elements the entire park will be landscaped with lush native plants plus fruit trees and vegetable gardens for everyone to enjoy.

Download Donation Brochure (PDF)