With the new highway comes a new look for Seabrook and while the Seabrook Economic Development Corporation actively markets available properties, they are also working with Seabrook City Council on the final design concept and renderings for the project. As outlined in Seabrook’s award-winning Master Comprehensive Plan, design standards are being created with guidance from SWA and TxDOT. These concepts will ensure that the new highway is not just concrete walls but aesthetically pleasing gateways that will make our community inviting and set apart from other communities around the Bay.

“The SH 146 expansion project provides some unique challenges for our community,” said Paul Chavez the city’s Director of Economic Development. “However, the expansion also brings a welcomed opportunity for new business growth along the highway’s corridor as well as bringing attention to commercial opportunities along NASA Parkway and other parts of our city.” 

view preliminary highway designs from swa