Rules & Regulations

  1. Reservation fees shall be charged to the applicant according to the Master Fee Schedule (Ordinance No. 2017-11) or as authorized by the City Manager. If the total reservation fee plus deposit is less than $1000, all fees must be paid in full at the time the reservation is requested. Payment arrangements may be made for reservation fees calculated more than $1000.
  2. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis and must be made in person at Seabrook City Hall. Dates will not be held without a completed application and reservation dues. All confirmed reservations will receive a written confirmation.
  3. Carothers Coastal Gardens is reserved “as is.”
  4. Reservation hours are 7 am until 12 midnight. Per Resolution No. 2017-04, all events must end no later than 10 pm and the venue must be vacated by all persons no later than 12 am.
  5. Applicant must be 21 years of age or older.
  6. The applicant will be required to set-up, breakdown and clean-up within the time frame reserved.
    • Decorations may be applied to walls and windows by a means that will not cause damage to the venue (no tacks, staples, nails, etc.). All decorations and the means by which they were attached must be removed upon your leaving the venue.
    • It is the responsibility of the applicant signing this agreement to restore Carothers Coastal Gardens to good order, including bathrooms, kitchen, and congregate areas. All crumbs, spills, etc. must be cleaning prior to vacating the venue. Garbage must be bagged, tied, and placed in the greenhouse. All tables and chairs must be returned to the center room with chairs on the left and tables on the right as shown here.
  7. Cancellations must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the reservation date in order to receive a full refund of rental fees and deposit.
  8. The City of Seabrook reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule any reservation for just cause upon due notice including safety, health or weather emergency, or an inability of the department to fulfill the application agreement. Such cancellation will entitle the City of Seabrook to reschedule the event for another date pending availability or receive a full refund.
  9. Per Resolution No. 2017-04, alcohol is not permitted in City parks or facilities without a purchased alcohol/security agreement. Security services will be provided by the City of Seabrook Police Department at a rate of $30 per hour, per officer with a minimum of 4 hours. Security is REQUIRED for all events where alcohol will be present.
  10. Carothers Coastal Gardens has a maximum indoor capacity of 96 persons and a maximum combined capacity (indoor and outdoor) of 150 persons. All event attendees after 96 must remain outside the building.
  11. Carothers Coastal Gardens is located within a residential neighborhood and the City’s Noise Ordinance (Ordinance No. 2010-17) is applicable to the property. In addition, to ensure neighbors are not bothered by loud noise, Seabrook City Council also passed Resolution 2017-04 which prohibits outdoor music at the venue. With the exception of processionals, recessionals and similarly brief, non-amplified pieces, all music must be kept indoors with all doors and windows closed. This is not negotiable.
  12. Animals of any kind are not permitted inside Carothers Coastal Gardens with the exception of registered service animals. A copy of the animal’s registration certificate must be made available to City of Seabrook staff prior to your event date.
  13. The applicant will assume responsibility for any damage to Carothers Coastal Gardens and its contents.
  14. Applicants are required to pick-up keys to the venue from Seabrook City Hall no later than 5 pm on the Friday, or last business day, prior to their event date. Failure to pick-up venue keys will result in the loss of deposit and forfeiture of the event.
  15. Any exceptions to the above policies must be made in writing and approved by the City Manager of the City of Seabrook. No verbal agreement for the use of Carothers Coastal Gardens shall be binding upon either party to the agreement.