Emergency Medical Services

The City of Seabrook is committed to providing the highest level of quality and timely emergency services. The Emergency Services Department consists of Emergency Management, Fire Marshal’s office, Fire Prevention, and Emergency Medical Services. Emergency Services also functions as the liaison between the City and the Seabrook Volunteer Fire Department.  We seek to ensure a high quality of life, safety, and security for all its citizens and visitors through effective training, leadership, and community partnerships.


Seabrook EMS is dedicated to delivering exceptional service through best practices and teamwork. To provide the finest patient care to the citizens and visitors at any moment. Seabrook EMS will constantly improve itself through the continuous training of its Paramedics and staff. Seabrook EMS Paramedics and staff strive to provide the highest standards, professional ethics, and respect to the community and its visitors.

Core Values

  • Compassion

    • Listen carefully and without judgment and work diligently to provide the best appropriate care and treatment possible.
  • Accountability

    • takes responsibility for their performance and patient care.
  • Professionalism

    • Representing not only ourselves, our City, and the EMS industry at large, we will practice professionalism in every aspect of our daily duties.
  • Empathy

    • We care about the patient, families, and their level of distress, working tirelessly toward a positive outcome.
  • Integrity

    • strives to adhere to the values and ethics of the profession at all times.
  • Teamwork

    • working with others in a way that takes advantage of each team member’s unique strengths to achieve results. 


The EMS Department is responsible for providing emergency life support services at the basic and advanced levels. EMS staff consists of a Director of Emergency Services, a Senior Shift Supervisor, a Shift Supervisor, and three (3) Paramedics.


EMS utilizes 1 fully stocked Mobile Intensive Care Unit (BLS/MICU) ambulance in its fleet and has 1 fully stocked reserve BLS/MICU ambulance.

Thank You

On behalf of the men and women of the City of Seabrook EMS, we hope you find our website helpful, and thank you for your interest in our department.