Master Comprehensive Plan


Seabrook City Council has reviewed and approved the updated Master Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan prepares a municipality for future development or redevelopment of the city in its entirety, emphasizing future growth or pending redevelopment areas. Needs are identified by growth projections and underlying basic assumptions related to anticipated needs. A comprehensive plan is comprised of base information, vision statements, and a set of master plans that have implications for land use, transportation, and public facilities, including possible future capital improvements, development regulations, or major policies. In 2016 Seabrook City Council approved and adopted the Charting the Course 2035 Comprehensive Master Plan and City staff is now working to update this plan. 

Update Process

The Kick-Off of the Update to the Comprehensive Plan began on April 20, 2022, by meeting with the appointed Master Comprehensive Plan Committee. The appointed Committee will work with City Staff and consultant Freese Nichols to update the plan. The Committee and staff will meet each month to review the plan in detail and discuss sections of the plan that need to be updated. 

Community Input

Community input is an important part of the updating process. Our team created a survey that gathers input from the community so that we may gain insight into the needs and desires of our residents.