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Special Event Permit Application

  1. Special Event Permit Application

    A Special Event is defined as an event, gathering, or organized activity, which is open to the public and may impact public safety. In addition, an event may be considered a Special Event if a mobile food provider is present, if alcohol is sold and/or consumed, and if more than ninety (90) attendees are expected.

    There are many different types of special events; some examples are organized races, walk-a-thons, festivals, pageants, celebrations, historical reenactments, church processions, concerts, entertainment, exhibitions, parades, fairs, pub crawls, social gatherings, movies or similar events occurring in, on or utilizing public space or which impacts a public space to an extent that the public’s use of the public space is significantly curtailed or impeded.

    If you would like to hold a special event in Seabrook then you are required by City ordinance to obtain a Special Event Permit. To obtain a Special Event Permit, please complete the form below. Your application will be sent to the Special Events Team for processing. If you have any questions about this process, please email

    Per the determination of the City Manager given the city’s limited resources and time necessary to review and issue a permit, no more than four (4) special event permits shall be acquired by a special event holder to one location within a 12-month period.

  2. Is this application being submitted 45 days in advance of your event?*
  3. If no, do you understand that the city may choose NOT to waive the 45 day requirement and deny your event? *
  4. Enter n/a if not applicable

  5. Please describe your event in detail. 

  6. Enter n/a if not applicable

  7. Event Type*

    Please select all that apply

  8. If "Other" is selected above, please describe

  9. Is the location above private or public property?*
  10. Do you have permission to use the property?*
  11. If you answered, "No, I do not have permission", please secure permission before moving forward. If this is a city-owned property you will need to provide your City Facility Rental Agreement from Public Works. Please contact Natalie Stephens for assistance with securing city facilities. This includes city parks, pavilions, meeting rooms, swimming pool rooms and the Community House. 

  12. Is this event open to the public?*
  13. Is the parking location listed private or public?*
  14. Do you have permission to use the parking location from the propertyowner?*
  15. If you answered, "No, I do not have permission", please secure permission before moving forward. 

  16. Please upload a detailed event site map that identifies the general site layout, entries and exits, restroom facilities, parking and emergency access points. 

  17. If this is an organized run, walk, biking, or parade event, please provide a map that outlines the route that participants will use. 

  18. Will food be sold or a mobile food provider be present at this event?*

    Events that sell food and/or have mobile food providers present must register their event with Harris County Public Health. In addition, each food provider must secure a Temporary Event Operator under your approved event. Both can be obtained online at  

  19. Will city personnel need to close public streets or direct traffic for your event?*
  20. Will there be party rentals such as bounce houses, rock walls, carnival rides, etc. at the event?*

    If yes, then please ensure these items are listed within your Liability Insurance which is required. 

  21. Will alcohol be served at your event?

    If yes, you understand that the City of Seabrook will require security service for your event. The number of officers will be determined by the Seabrook Police Department. 

  22. Would you like to place temporary signs or banners to advertise this event?*
  23. This insurance provides protection of not less than $100,000 against liability for damages to property and protection of not less than $100,000 for protection of injury or death of one person and of not less than $300,000 for protection against injury or death of two or more persons in a single accident or occurrence.

  24. I hereby understand and certify the following:*
    • All information in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. 
    • This application and all accompanying documents and fees must be submitted to the City of Seabrook 45 days before the event, and these documents are necessary for the Special Events Team to approve a Special Event Permit. 
    • The Special Event Permit Fee is $50 and must be paid in full to process this application. Click here for the payment link.  
    • The City has the right to deny the Special Event Permit and/or revoke the permit if proper documentation has not been provided and/or if violations of the permit occur. Continuing with an event a permit has been denied and/or revoked is considered a misdemeanor and the event holder may be charged a fine up to $500 per day. 
    • As the listed applicant, I state that I am fully authorized to act and contract for any persons, organizations, firms, or corporations on whose behalf this application is made. As an applicant for the above organization, I do contract and agree that they will jointly and severally, indemnify and hold the City of Seabrook harmless against liability for any and all claims for damage to property of injury to or death of persons arising out of or resulting from the issuance of the permit or the conduct of the participants. As an applicant, I understand that I may be held liable as principal in place of the organization for the cost of cleaning or repairing City property which may have sustained damage as a result of the special event. I understand that a special events permit may be issued for no more than five consecutive days. If the permit is granted, I, as a representative, agree to adhere to all City ordinances
  25. Special Event Permit Fee

    Don't forget to pay your Special Event Permit Fee. You may do so online here or you may mail a check to:

    Seabrook City Hall
    Public Affairs
    1700 1st Street
    Seabrook, TX 77586

  26. Not-for-profit events and organizations may request to have the $50 Special Event Permit Fee waived. If you would like to have your permit fee waived, please upload a request letter which will be submitted to city management for review. Please include your non-profit status for consideration. 

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