Court Dockets

The Seabrook Municipal Court meets every Monday unless otherwise posted. Court dockets are posted online weekly. We encourage you to view each docket to see if your name is listed. If you are unsure when you need to appear please contact the court at (281) 291-5674.

If a docket is not highlighted in blue then it is not scheduled.

  ***All court dockets below are scheduled for a telephone hearing ***

June 8, 2020 and June 9, 2020 

  • Failure to Appear Docket
  • Arraignment Docket
  • Ancillary Docket
  • Indigency Hearing
  • Bench Trial Docket
  • Pretrial Docket
  • Jury Trial Docket
  • Show Cause Docket
  • CVE Docket
  • Juvenile Docket