The Seabrook Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) is an all-volunteer fire department comprised of approximately 60 members. SVFD has been providing fire suppression and emergency services to the cities of Seabrook and El Lago for 75 years. SVFD encourages broad participation of members from our communities and is comprised of members with diverse backgrounds. SVFD is governed by a Constitution and Bylaws, which outline the overall rules by which the agency is governed. Additionally, the department’s daily operations and administration are regulated by a collection of policies and procedures, adopted and updated by the Executive Board. 

There are three types of membership in SVFD: Regular Member, Junior Member, and Associate Member. Each type of membership has specific requirements and responsibilities. Only Regular, certified members are authorized to conduct firefighting operations.

Interested in joining the SVFD? We would love to have you! Visit our How to Join page for more information.

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