Building & Standards Commission

This commission consists of five (5) citizen members and up to two (2) alternate members, who meet during the evening as needed to hear cases and determine if a property poses a threat to the welfare of the general public and is a nuisance. Members of the Building & Standards Commission also serve on the Board of Adjustment. Members serve two-year terms. If you have any questions about when this commission meets or to apply for commission appointment please contact the City Secretary’s Office at (281) 291.5663.

ChairSue Langgard Thomey
Vice ChairMichele Glaser
Board MemberTerry Moore
Board MemberEdelmiro Muniz
Board MemberTin Ngo
Alternate 1Michael Bland
Alternate 2Glen Halbison
City ManagerGayle Cook
Deputy City Manager / Community Development DirectorSean Landis
Board Secretary Pat Patel