Seabrook has experienced considerable growth in recent years, much like many other communities in South Texas. There are some obvious effects of growth, such as the increased demand for water, sewer and streets. There are other, more subtle effects of growth that also impact demand for city service. One of these is the demand for Animal Control.

Wildlife Sightings

Parts of Seabrook and surrounding areas use to be large, wooded, vacant tracts of land. These areas were heavily populated with wildlife such as coyotes and wild hogs along with other variety of small game animals and varmints. These animals were able to live relatively undisturbed and were only occasionally seen by residents on the fringe of the woods.

As development began to encroach upon these native areas, the animal's territory was increasingly reduced. Of course, a natural result of that encroachment has been an increase in sightings of the animals by humans in developed areas.

Residential development has also resulted in new homes and apartments in close proximity to animals native habitat. Animal Control has had an increase of sightings of coyotes and wild hogs. Efforts to trap these animals are not productive. Animal Control states that the animal's natural avoidance of humans plays a large part in this.

Seabrook Animal Control recommends that residents not approach or feed wild animals. Try to avoid leaving pet food outside at night. If an animal is observed acting unusually, please contact Animal Control at (281) 291.5644.

Wildlife is an interesting and beautiful part of our Texas Heritage. Enjoy them as you see them. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

Nuisance Wildlife

Wildlife that you may encounter while in Seabrook includes; coyotes, Muscovy ducks, wild hogs, deer, alligators, snakes and all kinds of birds. Seabrook is listed on the Texas Coastal Birding Trail. Like most wildlife, when left alone they are harmless, however, some animals such as coyotes, wild hogs and Muscovy ducks may become a nuisance. Please learn more about these animals and what you can do to help reduce the nuisance.

Feral Hogs
Muscovy Ducks