Capital Projects

The comprehensive Capital Improvement Program document (CIP) is a tool for planning and visualizing the capital budget. The overall goals of the CIP are to:

  Present a document that can be reviewed by staff and council in a meeting to address content and priorities yearly

  Projects supported by Enterprise Fund are differentiated from the General Fund. The Enterprise Fund supports Water and Sewer projects.

  Detailed project information will be included on each project showing a brief description of project, timeline, proposed funding (if currently               identified) if project is approved and completed projects.

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a recommended schedule of improvements or additions to city capital assets, including the planning and design thereof. The CIP is a 5-year plan, of which the first year represents the proposed capital budget for the current fiscal year. The remaining four years of the CIP serve as a financial plan for capital investments. The CIP will be updated annually, at which time the schedule of projects will be re-evaluated, and another fiscal year added with new projects, as appropriate.

Capital assets are comprised of facilities, infrastructure, equipment, and networks that enable or improve the delivery of public sector services. The procurement, construction, and maintenance of capital assets are critical activities in the management of those assets. 

The Capital Program is reviewed and approved by City Council along with the Annual Operating Budget. Adoption of the budget is for the ensuing fiscal year only and does not constitute adoption for the subsequent four (4) fiscal years.

Proposed City of Seabrook Capital Improvement Program FY24-28

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