WaterSmart Portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of the WaterSmart Portal to all Seabrook water customers! Log in at www.seabrooktx.watersmart.com


In July 2021, the City of Seabrook, in partnership with Ameresco Inc., began installing a comprehensive smart metering infrastructure improvement project which has now been completed and the WaterSmart Customer Portal is fully accessible to water customers. 

Ameresco installed more than 4,100 water meters in place of the city’s existing meters. The replacement project enhances the accuracy to the City of Seabrook’s reporting data enabling staff to better capture lost water that may have previously gone unmetered. The annual cost savings is estimated to be $56,843. 

WaterSmart is the software to offer our customers with a modern digital portal where you can access detailed information about your water usage. Through the portal, customers can track daily water usage, set leak alert notifications, view recommended water conservation actions, get bill forecast notifications, identify their communication preference, learn more about their water usage trends, and even view the City of Seabrook’s social media feeds. 

This new service is free and can be accessed online at www.seabrooktx.watersmart.com or on the city’s website at www.seabrooktx.gov/water. 

Utility customers will need to register by entering their Seabrook Utility Billing Account Number and zip code. Customers can find their account number on their Seabrook Utility Bill. Customers who are unable to find their account number may email ub@seabrooktx.gov. Once customers have registered, they will have access to all their utility data after each billing period. Also, conveniently linked on the portal is the City of Seabrook online payment dashboard. 

The City of Seabrook encourages you take advantage of the exciting new service and looks forward to assisting you! Customers who have additional questions may contact Utility Billing by emailing ub@seabrooktx.gov.