WaterSmart Portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of the WaterSmart Portal to all Seabrook water customers!

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About WaterSmart

WaterSmart is a software that offers City of Seabrook residents with a modern, digital portal to access detailed information about their water usage through the AMI smart water meters. Through the WaterSmart portal, you're able to;

  • Track daily water usage
  • Set usage limits that warn of excessive and/or continuous usage
  • Set up leak detection alerts
  • View water conservation actions
  • Get forecasted bill notifications
  • Identify your communication preferences
  • Learn about your water usage trends, and
  • Report water leaks

Register for WaterSmart

The WaterSmart portal is FREE to use and easy to set up at www.seabrooktx.watersmart.com. All you need is your Seabrook Utility Billing Account Number (located on your water bill) and your zip code. If you're not able to locate your account number, send an email to ub@seabrooktx.gov and we'll help you.

About AMI Smart Water Meters

Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI) smart water meters help conserve and ensure a better water future while also providing a robust foundation for strong collaboration with our residents. AMI meters allow us to integrate meter consumption data into our existing WaterSmart portal to allow residents to have transparent access to their consumption information and more.

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