Public Works

The Seabrook Public Works Department provides a quality environment for the City of Seabrook and ensures that the city’s parks, roadways, and streets are safe, clean, and attractive while also providing a quality water and sewer system to residents and businesses.

The Public Works Department is committed to providing the highest quality of service through a skilled customer-oriented and unified workforce. Our goal is to serve and meet the needs of the community by enhancing the vitality and quality of life for all of our residents and visitors to work, live, and play.

City Utility Locate Requests

Line locate requests are not limited to construction but also include DIY projects that may require digging for a fence, planting a tree, or installing a sprinkler system; to just name a few.  


Complete a City Utility Locate Request before you start any digging project.  Seabrook Public Works staff will locate water, sewer, and fiber lines near your work site. In addition, call 8-1-1 for gas, electrical and telecommunication line locates.


City utility locate requests should be made 48 hours before a project start date and are addressed Monday – Thursday.  Please call 281-881-3643 for City utility locate requests.

Right-of-Way Permits

For anyone proposing to work within the City Right-of-Way (ROW) or using any part of the ROW, a permit is required.

To receive a permit you will need to:

Plans and permit applications will be reviewed for approval and if no permit fees or comments are generated; a ROW permit will be sent to the applicant.

Right Of Way (ROW) Fees are per Ordinance Appendix B entitled Master Fee Schedule

Current Projects

Want to know what street or construction projects are happening around town? Stay informed by checking out all our Current Projects.

Parks and Recreation

Seabrook is well known for their quality parks and extensive trail system. Be sure to check out all of our parks.

Streets and Drainage

The Public Works Department provides quality streets and drainage systems for Seabrook residents and they also ensure mosquitoes stay at bay with weekly spraying.


The Wastewater division’s primary purpose is to ensure that public health is protected by operating and maintaining the collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater in the city in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.


The City of Seabrook ensures residents and businesses have clean, quality water. Learn more about the quality of our water, water conservation or even set up service.