Park features such as benches, signage and even birdhouses add value to our parks. We are looking for crafty and handy volunteers to help build, install and even restore park features.

New Installations

A great way to add value to your neighborhood park is by building park features. Several features may be added to our parks such as:

  • Kayak Launch
  • Benches
  • Bird Houses
  • Gazebos
  • Backstops and Bleachers
  • Tennis Backstops
  • Seating
  • Signage

Several parks around town need one or more of these items, including:

  • Bayside Park, 4221 Todville Road
  • Baybrook Park, 1000 Second Street
  • Wildwood Park, 220 Oceanview Drive
  • Carothers Coastal Gardens, 502 Pine Gully Road
  • Pine Gully, 605 Pine Gully Road
  • Hester Garden, 3029 Todville Road
  • Robinson Park, 702 Red Bluff Road
  • Friendship Park, 4622 Park Road
  • McHale Park, 400 Todville Road & Waterfront

Restoration of Park Features

Maybe building an entire feature is a bit too complex for you, then maybe you can help restore some existing features. The signage at Robinson Park is in need of some tender love and care and several bird feeds in the Wildlife Park need some updates.

Volunteer Today

Simply fill out this form to get started. We will need your basic contact information plus identify how you would like help and someone from the City or the Open Space and Trails Committee will contact you to discuss the next step. It is that simple really!

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